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About Lucile

Lucile Moquette (1958) is a painter and webeditor living in Amsterdam. She studied French (MA) at the University of Amsterdam and painting and graphic design (BA) at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

The themes of het work derive from memories, dreams and texts she has read. The memory is the starting point for the painting. Her goal is not to make a literal image, an illustration. She triest to evoke the feeling and to allow for several meanings at the same time.
Using incidents from one’s own life has two dangers: the first is that it puts the painter , who exposes him or herself , in a vulnerable position. The second danger is that the painting is only of interest to the painter in a therapeutical process. By emphasizing the form in the act of painting, Lucile skirts these dangers. Content is just an excuse for form. One might as well make totally abstract works, but Lucile chooses not to. For her profoundness, freedom and humour are best expressed in a figurative painting.
Lucile paints by heart. She makes a small sketch and works this out on the canvas without the help of photographs or preliminary studies. Painting is an exploratory expedition that keeps amazing her pleasurably. The paintings come about in one or two sessions and then she approves or disapproves of them. In this way she surprizes herself and hopefully the spectator as well.